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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Hiring a escort – what happens, what to expect ? On this FAQ page, You will have questions about my services. So below you will find a list of common questions I have been asked over the past few years, that sometimes people have trouble asking. If the question is not answered here, be sure to email me any other questions.

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If you want and feel up to it, you can discuss anything across the phone with me, however I will be limited with my answer if you are called from an unlisted number.

How to Make a booking with Joseline

Q. I am not sure what I want or what to ask for ?

A. Often Gentlemen or couples are not exactly sure of what they are looking for, and in some instances, you may book for a casual dinner, drinks date, or just a sensual massage and you may decide then if you want things to develop further. The service is totally up to you and you should only do whatever you’re comfortable with. We can then arrange a time to meet and a location that you are comfortable with. I would also recommend we talk on the phone first, don’t be afraid to call me.

Q. Can I hire you just for dinner ?

A. Yes. I offer a straight companionship service for those casual dinner dates and or more formal occasions including black tie or Gala events.

Q. I feel uncomfortable giving you my Mobile Number, do you need it ?

A. Initially you can just email me, however when you are making a booking you will need to confirm and call back from a mobile. This is to protect you and me. I do not keep any numbers of any clients on my phone and after each client the number is erased. I keep no records of any sort on my clients. If it make you feel more comfortable, you can give yourself an Alias if you do not want to be addressed by your real name.

Q. I need you to be discreet, especially coming to my home or hotel, how can you assure me of this.

A. As most of my bookings are at night, If I am coming to your private home, I will call before I enter and if you have some specific instructions, I can enter via a discreet entry if you are worried of neighbours, I will not be parked outside your house. If I am meeting you at a hotel, I will ask you to escort me to your room or you can give me specific instructions with a key at Concierge. 

Q. I want this for me and my partner, can it be a surprise or my partner does not know.

A. I will play along with any reasonable requests, however nothing will happen during the course of the evening without the full consent of your partner. If I am to meet your partner in a bar or other venue, no sex will take place unless I am assured that I have consent from both parties.

Q. What are your terms and conditions?

A. Please see my Terms and conditions page. If you have any questions that it doesn’t answer, please email me and I will be happy to assist.

Dinner date / Companion / Tour Guide

Q. I am attending a Ball / Function can you accompany me?

A. I have attended and accompanied many Gentlemen at restaurants, bars, balls, gatherings and functions. I always suggest when introducing me as either a close friend or colleague. I will compliment you as your partner and you will enjoy a night of wine, food and dancing.

Q. At home dinner date – Will you cook for me?

A. I am no chef, but I am the perfect host and very handy in the kitchen.

Q. If we go to a restaurant, who pays ?

A. You will pay for all expenses.

Q. Can we just have drinks, talk.

A. Yes. that is often the best way for both of us to get to know one another.

Q. I am from out of town and need a companion, I would like someone to show me around town ?

A. I have lived in Sydney most of my life and know the city, finest restaurants, the best sites and lookouts around. I am a holder of a full drivers licence.

Q. Do you provide a service for a group of men ?

A. generally no, however some existing clients I have made an exception.

Q. Do I have to give your personal details of me / us?

Sex and safety

A. No, you can call from a silent number initially, however bookings must be confirmed with a real number. You may give me alias names if you wish. This service is very discrete.

Q. Do you keep mobile numbers?

A. No, Not unless we both agree and should your require my services again. There is no chance then of my phone being lost or stolen and numbers used. I delete all numbers after our date

Q. Do we have to have sex?

A. No, this service is about you, not me and sex is entirely up to you. Anything from just talk and relaxation, to massage, sensual, erotic massage, or sex it’s all your choice and if you change your mind at any time, you can ask for more, or less.

Q. Do you practice safe sex?

A. Yes, I always practice safe sex and the use of condoms are mandatory.

Q. Do you have regular testing for STIs (sexually transmitted infections)?

A. Yes, I have check-ups every month and I have a complete STI testing for your safety and mine. My latest STD results & certificates are available upon request.

If you have any questions about the test results, please email me.

Q. Who provides the condoms ?

A. I provide condoms.

Q. I am a Virgin and looking to lose my virginity, can you help ?

A. Only if you are over 18


Q. How does payment work?

A. I accept only one form of payment:

  • Cash

Cash payments can be made when we meet and before the service commences.

Q. When do I pay you and how ?

A. I always accept payment before our date. Some people prefer to be a little more discrete and leave it marked in an envelope.

Massage Service

Q. Gentleman & Couples – What’s the difference between a sensual and erotic massage ?

A. A sensual massage is massage where I will massage you naked or if you wish partially clothed and I will give you a full body massage and also tease around your erogenous zone.  But there is no oral sex from me on you or penetration by my fingers or penis on me. An erotic Massage includes a sensual massage but also includes sexual intercourse.

Q. Gentlemen & Couples – Do I need to provide anything for a straight massage ?

A. I come equipped with towels and a selection of massage oils and some other tantalizing equipment as well as a phone with some music to create the scene.

Q. Do I need to be nude for the massage ?

A. I will always ask what will make you feel comfortable. If you feel more comfortable with your underwear, you will still enjoy the massage just as much as being naked. During the massage you can always request more.

Q. Will you be nude during the massage?

A. As for you, I will also ask how you would like me, I may be clothed ( usually wearing a G string or be completely nude and yes you may still keep your clothes on. Usually the level of clothing with be the same as you may be wearing.

Q. Can I just get a hand Job during the massage ?

A. Yes. Some clients prefer not to have penetration, so I am more that happy to provide you with hand relief. I am also open to finishing you off with my boobs, feet, or any other fantasy you may desire.

Q. Can I touch you during that massage ?

A. Yes. You can touch any part of my body.

Q. Do you kiss your clients ?

A. Yes, that’s part of the whole experience, however if you prefer not to kiss, that is also your choice.

Q. Do you do oral sex on me ?

A. Yes, I find oral sex very exciting, and if you enjoy receiving oral I am sure you will want more from me.

Q. Can I perform Oral Sex on you ?

A. Yes, you can perform oral sex on me.

 My body, Age, Looks, Testimonials

Q. Why do you not show your face on the website and can I see one ?

A. I can show you my face shot once we have initially communicated. I have been working as an escort for over 2 years. I don’t show my face on the web to avoid recognition especially at such events as functions balls etc. This is more to protect you as my client.

Please don’t just send an email asking for face pics without first calling. If I establish you are under aged you will be blocked.

Q. How old are you?

A. I am 37 years of age, keep very fit by attending the gym every day. I would be more appropriate for people aged 25 and over.

Q. Are  you a smoker or take drugs?

A. No

Q. Do you have much body hair?

A. No

Q. What does your body look like?

A. Please refer to my gallery. Photos on the FAQ page are recent ( less than 12 months ).

Do you cater to…

Q. Do you provide escort services for men only?

A. No, I service women and couples

Q. Are you Bi Sexual, Bi Curious?

A. Yes. I love women and have no limitations when it comes to women

Q. I am older / younger than you, can I still book a date with you?

A. Yes, of course. Age and experience is not an issue at all.

Q. Do you cater to couples?

A. Yes, if you would like me to join you and your partner for a date, then that is fine. I am bisexual, but quite comfortable & confident when playing with couples. Female to female contact is inevitable in a threesome, and this does not worry me.

Q. I have a particular fantasy that I want to satisfy, can you help me?

A. Yes I can. And don’t be shy to ask, as long as it does not include pain or humiliation.

Q. Can you organise a male partner?

A. yes, My partner has joined me on several occassions. Click here to see our gallery together.

Q. We are a couple, the female partner would like female to female interaction ?

A. A common fantasy for couples and in a couples situation. I love female to female contact with your partner.

Q. Do you cater for virgins ?

A. yes if you are over 25

Other questions

Q. Why are you an independent escort rather than work for an agency?

A. I have worked for myself and agencies as an escort. I prefer the freedom to be able to offer my own unique service, with its own style and rates.

Q. I want this service just for my husband, can I just watch?

A. Yes

Q. As a couple, can we film or take pictures ?

A. You can film and take pictures of me, however during any of these activities I will be wearing a mask. I do also carry a mask for your partner if required.

Q. Can I have sex with you naturally ?

A. Unfortunately condoms must be worn at all times. It’s protection for you and me.

Q. Can I cum in you mouth, face, anal ?

A. These are the things you cannot do. CIM ( Cum in Mouth ), COF ( Cum on Face ), Anal sex, Greek, Fisting, gang bangs, water sports, Humiliation or hard bondage.

Q. My husband has a request that he wants to cum / on / over you ?

A. It may seem unusual at first that your partner wants to see this or gets turned on by the idea. This is not uncommon. But yes I am more than happy to perform this act for you and your husband.

Q. Do you travel internationally ?

A. Yes I have done international services before.

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