Hi Susie,The time that I spent with youwas the best that I’ve had with an Escort as I travel interstatefrequently.

From the time that we spoke onthe phone arranging our time together, you made me feel relaxed. When we met in the bar of my Hotel, I was made to feel extremely special.  You were as you described yourself to me& when you walked into the bar, I immediately knew that you were Susie& that night, I was going to be a very Lucky Boy.

We chatted easily over a drink& there appeared to be no hurry to get down to business, as you took agenuine interest in what I had to say.

Once we’d finished our drinks,we headed up to my room.  On the way upin the lift, I was made to feel very special as you stood close to me &made it obvious that I was with you.When we were inside the roomthat’s when I knew that I’d died & gone to heaven.

There was no rush, we laughedawkwardly & you kissed me, then you slowly took off my shirt.

I was too busy to notice thatyou were still fully dressed until you suggested that I undress you.  By this time I was naked as a jaybird withyou rubbing your hands all over my body & still kissing me.

I slipped off your dress toreveal your beautiful slim toned body in your very sexy lingerie & highheels.  I stood back & looked at youfor what seemed an eternity smelling your sweet perfume & the smell ofimpending SEX.

Thank you Susie for amemorable time in Sydney & I enjoyed being your first Escort experience&  will be back again soon to experience the full Escort experience ingoing out to dinner, having a few drinks, then repeating our bedroomexperiences.

You made me feel alive & I will think & dream about the time spent together.

Till next time!!!