Hi Susie,The time that I spent with you was the best that I’ve had with an Escort as I travel interstate frequently.

From the time that we spoke onthe phone arranging our time together, you made me feel relaxed. When we met in the bar of my Hotel, I was made to feel extremely special.  You were as you described yourself to me& when you walked into the bar, I immediately knew that you were Susie& that night, I was going to be a very Lucky Boy.

We chatted easily over a drink& there appeared to be no hurry to get down to business, as you took agenuine interest in what I had to say.

Once we’d finished our drinks,we headed up to my room.  On the way upin the lift, I was made to feel very special as you stood close to me &made it obvious that I was with you.When we were inside the roomthat’s when I knew that I’d died & gone to heaven.

There was no rush, we laughedawkwardly & you kissed me, then you slowly took off my shirt.

I was too busy to notice thatyou were still fully dressed until you suggested that I undress you.  By this time I was naked as a jaybird withyou rubbing your hands all over my body & still kissing me.

I slipped off your dress toreveal your beautiful slim toned body in your very sexy lingerie & highheels.  I stood back & looked at youfor what seemed an eternity smelling your sweet perfume & the smell ofimpending SEX.

Thank you Susie for amemorable time in Sydney & I enjoyed being your first Escort experience&  will be back again soon to experience the full Escort experience ingoing out to dinner, having a few drinks, then repeating our bedroomexperiences.

You made me feel alive & I will think & dream about the time spent together.

Till next time!!!.



Recently I spent some time with Susie, it was hot outside but far more more enjoyable and hotter inside with Susie. This lady know and enjoys intimacy and making someone feel very special and spoilt. it was sensational spending time with her.


Wilding by name, Wild by nature! Susie is a very elegant lady. She is extremely easy to talk to and makes you feel at ease immediately. 
I’d have no problems taking this lady to dinner or a social function as my companion. Susie has class. 
However her intimate skills are second to none. I went through her menu and I wasn’t disappointed. Gentlemen this is one sexual lady that doesn’t hold back when her clothes come off….plus she has an amazing body. 
Would I see her again? Absolutely! 
Next time I think I’d like to see her pleasure another woman…and watch her being pleasured by another woman. She has those skills and I have the desire to watch her use them! 
Thank you Susie for a memorable visit – very memorable.


Susie is a wonderful woman. Completely at ease with herself and her gorgeous body and its need to be pleasured. This made me feel completely at ease too and means our time together is exactly what I fantasize about. Susie has that amazing ability to make you feel good about yourself because she derives genuine pleasure from engaging with you personally, and definitely sexually! I am looking forward to the next time every time I leave!


Hi Susie,
Once I saw your photographs and read the information, I was instantly captivated and I then made the arrangements to meet you. I must say I had great expectations because of how I had imagined you would be.

When I first saw you I was blown away as my expectations were realised and as they say first impressions count !! You walked towards me in a stunning red dress which highlighted your gorgeous figure and your legs on black stiletto’s, the WOW factor exemplified. You smiled and said hello and I thought how could I be this lucky and I followed you up the stairs to the unit. I didn’t tell you this but as I followed you up those stairs I could see the outline of your panties and thought how much better could this get.

Once there we had a glass of bubbly with a strawberry and chatted easily, you put me at ease as we talked about what we did and how we came to this point. when you touched me I was immediately aroused as I am whilst writing this and It didn’t take long for the initial intimacy to set my heart racing, that first kiss was so soft and sensual. As we began to touch each other I could feel your wonderful stunning body which further stimulated my senses as we began to discover each other.

As clothing disappeared, I saw and got to touch your gorgeous body and then …………………………….

I am not going to describe what happened next as that is my personal memory only to say that Susie made every part of my body tingle and it is still tingling as I write this review. There might be another expression rather than tingling but this is the one I will use for now.

My impressions of Susie’s beautiful body will stay with me for a long time and I would love to be with her again right now but it wii be great again at another time.

There will certainly be a next time and I look forward to the excitement and expectation which I am in no doubt will again be wonderful. 

I can only begin to imagine how Susie will look when I see her approaching me again and I get to feel her again in my arms and ………………. 

Susie, I am so glad of the time I spent with you, it was an absolute pleasure.

Until then Paul xxxxx