Paul sends Susie a beautiful note

Message from Paul To Susie…..

Hi Susie, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the time we spent together today !. I must admit I was slightly nervous before you came down that lift, but as soon as we entered the apartment, you managed to calm any nerves that I had before that point, and made me feel completely relaxed and comfortable !

Then once I came out of the shower and saw you standing there in your lingerie… wow… that body immediately got me excited and your calm and confident nature, made the experience amazing.

And the foreplay was unbelievable… you made every sense within me, excitable and made me feel like I was the only thing you desired in that moment…It was so intense I don’t know how I contained myself and managed to stay composed for the the next part!!

Looking forward to another pleasurable encounter with you !

From Paul 28th August 2016